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Looking for a new cozy to dive into? Here I highlight all the great new releases from guest old and new.


* * * FREE IN KU * * * SOLVING A MYSTERY IS WHISK-Y BUSINESS. Mackenzie’s bakery in Cozy Cove, Maine, wasn’t an overnight success; she had to whisk it for the biscuit. Having an assistant like Arthur bakes it all worthwhile, but could the new photographer in town be the secret ingredient? The death of a prominent yet ornery senior citizen of Cozy Cove stirs up a new investigation. As one of only two witnesses, Mackenzie kneads to dig deeper into the circumstances surrounding his demise. Does it have something to do with one of the most sought-after properties on the coast, and does one of the ‘Seafood Kings of Southern Maine’ have a connection to this accident… or was it murder? With the help of a few friends, Mackenzie will need to rise to the occasion and prove she’s a legend in the baking. Things are going down in Cozy Cove.

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