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Do You hear that?

National Novel Writing Month Has Begun!

I know you dear reader are busily typing away the same as I should be.

Are You Having Fun Yet?

The day's half over and I've reached 1800 + words on my project Dragon Roast and Danger. Already my characters are changing things on me. I had a new character slip in on me that now I'm wondering if he'll survive the book. After all he is the type cozy readers root for death to come to. Obnoxious, power hungry, and just over all a pain in the but. I really look forward to finding out what happens to him. I'm enjoying my MAIN Character, it seems he really reacts to a music group called Black Violin. His sidekick is interesting. It'll be fun showing her different hair colors. When it's done I can't wait for you to read it.

Support the Show

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