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Monday Mystery

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Here Snoops and Sleuths is where we'll try to solve the Monday Mystery of Who Killed The fictional Professor Reginald Daniels. Featured in My Monday Mysteries show. Join me every Monday on The Cozy Sleuth as we dive deeper into this case.

Snoops and Sleuths, today I’m going to try something different, I am going to put you in the shoes of a cozy detective. Your my dear listeners are the devoted assistant to the famed Archaeologist Reginald Daniels. He’s been under a lot of stress lately due to the demands from the university to complete his report on his latest discovery. Detective today you’ve come into the office and found him as usual asleep at his desk. But something is wrong, his color isn’t right that blood? You shake him and he falls back, that's when you see the bullet wound. In a panic you call the police who say they’ll be there in half an hour. As you leave the office you notice the Professor’s briefcase is missing and with it his studies on his latest discovery. You think back to the fight he had yesterday with a man he called Rick. Rick had said “Publish that paper and I swear I’ll kill you.” Now you knew the professor had a tendency to make enemies, but this was the first time that you know of someone threatening his life. The time waiting for the police gives you time to think about the crime scene. Someone had cleaned the professor’s desk. You wrack your mind trying to figure out what papers had been there when you left. Nothing all that important, just the usual studies and class notes. Wait, there was a note he was writing, why wasn’t it on the desk? He had said he wanted you to take it to someone this morning. Who had that letter been to? Professor Kendrick. The letter had been in reference to a recommendation for a scholarship. There hadn’t been an envelope in the outgoing mail and there wasn’t a letter on his desk. Had he delivered it himself? The clock on the wall says 9:15 am the police will be here in fifteen minutes. Is that enough time? A sound shakes you from your thoughts, looking down the hall you see Professor Kendirck marching down the hall. He glares at you and points at the door, “Is that no good, lying Judas in there?”

“He is,” you nod “but he’s...well… he’s dead.” The color drains from Kendrick’s face as his gray eyes widen, “Dead? How? Was it a heart attack?”

“No. He was murdered.”

His eyes flick from you to the office door, now closed, “I’m out of here.” He said backing away from you and running down the hall back the way he’d come from.

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