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Oh My Gosh! So Much Is going on!

Where Do I Start?

This year has kicked off with a bang!

Okay First Things First. Let's Start With the Podcast

Dear Reader, Who would have thought that only a year ago when I started The Cozy Sleuth that I would go from recording two shows a week to three. Not to mention going from 40 plays in a month to 11,400 plays with 60 unique devices a week. That's entirely thanks to you. If not for you, I'd be talking to myself out there on the internet. So here's a huge thank you.

Here's Some More Big News

This month I was signed by a publisher and we have rereleased The first book of my Mystic Ranch Mysteries Sparx of Suspicion. This was a completely unexpected yet absolutely welcome change in my literary life. Check out the book on Sparx of Suspicion: Paranormal Women's Fiction (Mystic Ranch Cozy Mysteries Book 1) eBook: Shields, Leanna: Kindle Store

Support the Show

If You want to help keep The Cozy Sleuth commercial-free join us on where you can become either A Guiding Clue, A Clever Sidekick, A Small Town Sleuth, or A Sherlock Holmes member. Or for a one time donation you can join my Ko-fi Klatch for the price of a cup of coffee on

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