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November is coming!

Preparing for National Novel Writing Month.

October isn't just a time to get read for the ghosts, ghouls, and monsters that come to your door on October 31st. It's also a time to prepare for the count down to November 1st and the start of National Novel Writing month.

What is National Novel Writing Month?

3...2...1... On Midnight of October 31st the air fills with the sound of keys clacking as countless authors throw themselves into the challenge.

National Novel Writing month is an annual event where authors all over decide to dedicate themselves to writing a 50,000 word manuscript in the 30 days of November. Yours truly will be among them trying to get my next cozy mystery out. Now your not condemned to attempt this task on your own. by joining the National Novel Writing Month's website you can join your fellow writers and commiserate, log your progress, and set up writing sprints.

How to prepare?

I have "won" NaNo before and the key to it is preparation. Now my way of preparing might be different than yours, but here are some of the things I did.

  1. Have a solid idea. Now I know this sounds like a given, but you can't make progress in NaNo without a solid idea.

  2. Set up a Pinterest board. I found this idea helpful for keeping track of my character's features and the books settings.

  3. Have rewards available. Mine was for every 2200 words written I allowed myself a piece of Halloween candy. Whatever reward you have and whatever your goal, stick to it.

  4. Know if you're a plotter or a word gardener (pantser.) Does your writing office look like your ready to take over a fictional world? Or are you just picking up the computer and letting your characters tell you the story? Whatever your writing style find ways of encouragement that work.

  5. This leads to my next bit of advice. Make playlists for your story. When writing I find my MC responds to Lindsey Stirling's Music. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, but that music can be a lifesaver from distraction and writer's block.

Well that's all the advice I have for now, but I hope you'll join my blog as I go through the ups and downs of this wonderful challenge. Have a great day and keep cozy.

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