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Six Days and Counting!

Preparing for National Novel Writing Month. (pt3)

Halloween may only be 5 days away, but the day after starts something far more frightening... National Novel Writing Month! Ahhh!

Are you ready?

Let's go over the prep list.

Story Idea? Check!

Stashed aside Halloween Candy (I mean Writing fuel)? Check!

Functioning Laptop or ample supply of paper and pens? Check!

inspirational play list on spotify or streaming service of your choice? Check!

People you can whine and complain to? Well... We'll see.

Looks like you're ready to face the stress and feel the accomplishment of completing your novel, and I for one wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. And know dear reader/writer that you are not alone. Writers around the country and around the world are joining you. And remember the most important thing about NaNo, and that's to have fun.

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