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What Makes A Cozy?

A Look at the Cozy Mystery Genre

Today on Author Chat I was talking with Andre Johnson about her book Poetic Justice and all things cozy. She called her book a cozy Thriller and it got me wandering...

What makes a Cozy?

A cozy mystery is a sub-genre of the mystery, where all the violence, gore, language, and sex take place off camera. Often set in a small town or small community.

Now this is the general definition of the cozy mystery, but now days the rules are getting fluffed like an old pillow. Sometimes for the good sometimes not. I've read books that have ignored the rule on gore and I've read books that have blown the rules on language right out of the water. I've read them set in small towns and big cities. All have had some element that holds true to the cozy. When Andrea told me about her book it caught my attention and after talking about it more on the show I can't wait to check it out.

Where can I learn more? You ask.

You can find Andrea's book Poetic Justice on at You can also follow her on Twitter @ajthenovelist

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